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Vicki Sasser

“I take tremendous personal responsibility for the properties I manage. I have the highest expectations for myself and the vendors we hire to keep these facilities in exceptional condition.”
Vicki Sasser



In more than 22 years with Bauman & Company Vicki Sasser has held a number of positions, but none she enjoys more than her current role, managing two premier Bauman properties.


As the point person for the operation and maintenance of these facilities, one medical office building and commercial locations in Albany, Savannah, Atlanta and Birmingham, Vicki oversees all interior and exterior systems. That includes everything from landscaping to HVAC, plumbing, electrical systems and interior design.


Vicki is a familiar presence to building occupants and owners and is a trusted steward of their resources. She works every day to ensure that the needs of all who occupy the building—from the CEO to the newest employee—are met.


Known for her extraordinary attention to detail, Vicki takes pride in contracting with vendors and suppliers who share the Bauman and Co. commitment to reliable and responsive service.


Vicki welcomes your email at vsasser@baumanco.com.