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Howard L. Feinsand

“I first met Billy Bauman as an investor in one of his projects and I found him to be entirely honest and conscientious. That approach was especially appealing to me and it’s one that our investors appreciate.” Howard Feinsand

Howard Feinsand is a highly regarded attorney and real estate strategist. He brings a portfolio of successful transactions, operational skill and market knowledge to Bauman & Company.


His depth of experience, which includes tax planning and risk management for Duke Realty and other leading firms, makes Howard an especially valuable member of the Bauman team. Howard has built a reputation for strong financial performance in the Atlanta real estate and business communities. At Bauman his focus is on pursuing selective opportunities that preserve investor capital and achieve sustainable growth over the long term.


Howard is a relationship builder who believes the best business transactions are those where all parties trust and respect one another. His reputation for service to the community is well known. As a board member and advisor Howard has helped premier arts organizations including the Alliance Theater restructure operations and achieve new levels of visibility and financial security.


You can reach Howard at hfeinsand@baumanco.com

404-266-0900  ext 105